Tom Erik Heimen

Tom Erik is a well-known profile for most people who follow extreme sports and high-impact activities.

Going beyond 2000 base jumps in 2019, it is safe to say that Tom Erik is a merited base jumper, in fact he is considered to be one of the most experienced in the world.

He holds a stunning world record in the number of jumps from mountains above 1000m and the number of flown altitude meters, it was set in June 2019 (Hoven in Loen) where Tom Erik during 66 hours performed 66 base jumps and flew 66000 altitude meters!

Tom Erik lives in Isfjorden and he's naturally a super ambassador for Romsdalen and everything that can smell of excitement. Backcountry skiing is of course one of his many favorites, and he rarely says no to show his own backyard to friendly peeps.

Sponsored by i.a. Salamon, Spy, Phoenix-Fly, Adrenaline BASE and Atair, and ambassador for Toppturing :)

Favorite ski: Salomon QST Blank 112mm

Shoes: Salomon MTN Mountain