Sondre Kvambekk

Hils på Sondre, our man in the nasjonalparkriket.

Sondre runs the guide company 500fjell and offers guiding both summer and winter, as well as glacier-, climbing- and avalanche courses. 

With a prestine love for nature and mountains, and all of Norway's peaks over 2000 meters on his merit list, as well as a four-digit number of mountain peaks worldwide in the bag, there is no doubt that this is skilled proffessional.

Sondre has homebase in Skjåk with the national parks Jotunheimen, Breheimen and Reinheimen in his backyard playground.

You can book Sondre for guiding all year round!

Sondre is ambassador for Vertical Playground and Toppturing :)

Favorite ski: Dynafit Blacklight 80

Shoes: Dynafit TLT8 Carbonio