Per Eivind Vågnes

Per Eivind's the founder of Toppturing and CEO.

Per Eivind is an avid hiker who enjoys exploring the mountains all year. He has paramedic- and ambulance personnel training from the Armed Forces and the Home Guard, a trained first-aid instructor and has completed numerous avalanche and mountain safety courses to match his interest in exposed terrain.

Backcountry hiking gives energy and replenishment, and his great passion during the winter is splitboarding with hardboot. His enthusiasm for splitboarding has led to a mutual collaboration with Spanish Mendiboard and Swedish Stranda Snowboards. The rest of the year the focus is mostly on bouldering, climbing and trailrunning.

Ambassador for Mendiboard , Stranda Snowboards and Vight goggles.

Favorite split: Sunnmøre Split (Mendiboard) and Shorty 164 (Stranda Snowboards)

Shoes: Atomic Backland Pro w / link lever (Phantom Snow) and Fischer Travers Carbon.