Live Andrea Sulheim

Live live and breathe for an active outdoor life. She has a very positive presence and you cannot help but be charmed by this awesome mountain goat.

Growing up in Lom, and the family business at Leirvassbu, she's an excellent ambassador for glaciers and Breheimen, especially  Jotunheimen.

She thrives best on hikes with her husky Root, and preferably in a tent on a remote peak. She really got a taste of the alpine terrain in the Alps of Sunnmøre while studying in Volda, and after working in the lowlands of Telemark with environmental projects her craving for mountain beacame too unbearable, so she just as well took her partner + two dogs and borught them to Stryn, strategically located in the middle between Jotunheimen and Sunnmøre.

Live Andrea is also a skilled photographer, which is clearly evident in her photos.

Sponsored by Arcteryx / Hjärtat and Non-stop Dogwear, and ambassador for Toppturing :)