Kjell Magnar Berli

Kjell Magnar is a trusted hiking and sparring partner for Toppturing.

He's unable to sit still and he's training or hiking literally every day of the year. There are few who can boast more annual hikingdays than this guy.

Kjell Magnar rarely eats much when hiking, but despite a minimal consumption he has done most of the known routes in Sunnmøre, and has expanded his territory to Romsdalen and Jotunheimen as well in recent seasons, especially in search of long and exciting traverses.

Kjell Magnar enjoys planning his hikes, which are always involving elements of uniqueness and steepness, which ensures the hike only becomes even more special and memorable.

Ambassador for Vertical Playground, Dynafit, and Ambassador for Toppturing :)

Favorite skis: Dynafit 79 Blacklight Pro and Dynafit Free 107

Shoes: Dynafit Hoji