Vivi Hatlem

Vivi is a true adventurer, one of our social media experts and our Chamonix person!

Vivi is a passionate skier and mountain goat who prefers alpine and airy peaks except when she is at her mother's childhood home in Finnmark where she finds peace. Longing for more time outdoors, Vivi recently quit her secure job at Nordea, sold her apartment in Oslo and has become a full-time ski bum. The first season was spent with 110 skiing days around Norway and in Åre, now the trip goes to Chamonix. 

Vivi thinks it's fun to make nature accessible and harmless and to take people on top tours so that they can challenge themselves and get a sense of mastery, and she is therefore a winter tour leader in DNT, the highest level of tour leader in DNT. She is often protected in challenging terrain and is therefore very focused on safety. She has several extended avalanche courses and is often the one in the group who asks critical questions. 

Winter is Vivi's favorite. She likes randonee and free skiing best, but also enjoys regular hill skiing and giant slalom. And to Chamonix she will also bring her first ice skates with her with joy mixed with horror! As a combination with skiing, Vivi does strength training, climbing and yoga. In other seasons, she also enjoys paddling and cycling and now also enjoys kiting. She sleeps outside under the open sky all year round. Vivi is a real equipment geek who is always looking for the optimal quality and function combined with weight. Start talking gear with her and you'll be good to go. 

Favorite ski: Black Crows, Atris Birdie m Salomon Shift for lift-based off-piste and shorter rando trips. Black Crows Camox freebird with ATK Crest binding for longer randonee trips. 

Shoes: K2 Mindbender 110 for ground and freeride and Dynafit Radical Pro for randonee, and Scarpa EVO F1 for the long rides.