Kjersti Kvamme

Kjersti is always full of life and energy!

In addition to being responsible for design and concept for the Norwegian clothing brand Riccovero, she spends most of her free time climbing, touring and doing ice-cold dives in Loenvatnet. 

She has courses in glacier guiding and hiking, guide for Loenactive, Via Ferrata Loen and a real globetrotter when it comes to trips abroad, among others in Nepal, Bolivia, Ecuador, Switzerland and Italy. 

At home she's a natural ambassador for her own backyard in Stryn, Olden and Loen, and has a great fondness for the Alps of Sunnmøre, Romsdalen, Jotunheimen and Senja

If you end up hiking with Kjersti you are guaranteed a good laugh and a truly feel-good atmosphere. 

Ambassador for Skogstadsport, Orthomovement, and Ambassador for Toppturing :) Favorite ski: SGN Soleitind